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For now, here’s the skinny: there is a Join button on every Meetup page that appears 30 min before the Meetup starts. This takes you to a Zoom call, which has a TOTALLY DIFFERENT LOGIN from this website! If you don’t already have a Zoom account, you can register for one right there with your email or a social media account.

Here’s a link to the next Meetup. See you there!

RINGKNOCKER Virtual Meetups are hosted on Zoom. That’s an amazing platform, and we have worked super hard to make the experience as seamless as possible, but let’s be honest: it’s still magic!

So here are some quick tips to get you connected.

The Join buttons

The Join Buttons

There are actually TWO Join buttons located in the right side-bar of every event page.

If you don’t see them…

Are you logged in? You have to be logged into your RINGKNOCKER account to join a Meetup. If you don’t have an account, create one now. It’s free!

Is it time for the Meetup? Join links appear 30 min before the Meetup begins, and they disappear after it finishes.

Are you looking at today’s Meetup? The top entry on the Meetups page is always the next (or current) Meetup.

Join in Browser

This is the preferred method if you are joining from your desktop! The browser experience is very good, and features Single Sign-On from the RINGKNOCKER website to Zoom. If you’re signed into our website and click this link, you should be taken straight through to the Meetup with no additional logins or passcodes!

There are a couple of exceptions…

Is it your first time through the process? Zoom needs to create an account for you on their end. You will have to click a link in an email confirmation from Zoom to complete the process. Then just click the Join link again and you should be good to go.

Zoom email confirmation

Do you already have a Zoom account associated with your RINGKNOCKER account email? If so, your e-mail confirmation message will ask if you’d like to switch it to RINGKNOCKER’s Zoom organization (SpliceLogic, LLC).

Zoom organization switch

You have three choices:

  • Switch to the SpliceLogic account. Once that happens, you will have the seamless login experience described above, every time! But if your existing account is part of another organization for a reason, that could cause problems.
  • Use the Join in Desktop/Mobile App button instead. This gives you the option to log into Zoom with your existing account, and you can still use your browser if you prefer! See below for more details.
  • Change your RINGKNOCKER account email. Pick one not already associated with a Zoom account, and just run through the process again.

Why else might you NOT want to join in the Browser?

  • If you’re on a mobile device, you can probably manage it, but you won’t like it. The mobile app Zoom experience is way better than most mobile browsers.
  • If you like the dynamic smoothing or background effects provided in the desktop client, those are not available in the web browser experience.

Join in Desktop/Mobile App

This is the standard join link you are probably accustomed to if you use Zoom a lot. On your desktop, it will try to open the desktop app if you have it installed. If you are on a mobile device, it will try to open the mobile Zoom app.

Launching the desktop Zoom app.

Either way, you will need to sign into Zoom. You have two choices:

  • Sign In with SSO. Enter as your company domain, and then log in using your RINGKNOCKER website credentials (or your social login if that’s how you log into the website). From now on, you will have a seamless joining experience on your desktop of mobile device.
SpliceLogic SSO on the desktop
  • Sign In with your Zoom account. This works just as well, and you can also use your social media login here if you have that configured at Zoom. This will also give a seamless joining experience into the future, as long as you keep your app logged into your Zoom account!
Zoom account logins on the desktop

Meeting Passcodes

Zoom now requires all meetings to have a passcode. We have embedded the meeting passcode in all of our join links, but there is probably some scenario where you may be asked to enter it.

Note that this is a PASSCODE, not your website or Zoom account PASSWORD! If they’re also asking for an email or a user name, it’s a PASSWORD. If they’re asking for it all by itself, it’s probably a PASSCODE. I know, I know… 🙄 Just be aware of the distinction.

In the unlikely event that Zoom does ask you for a meeting passcode, it is always the same, all lower case, one word, no punctuation: usa

Give It a Try!

We’ve created a standing meeting to help you test your setup and work out any bugs. Just use either of the links below and follow the steps outlined above. If you do it ahead of time, your entry into your next actual Meetup should be seamless!

Note that these are NOT actual Meetup links! If you show up here Thursday night, you’ll have to hold your own event! 😂🤣😂

You’ll have to sign in or sign up for a new account before you can play with the Test Meetup!

Sign inSign up

Still Having Trouble?

Just drop a comment here, and we’ll help you figure it out.

I hope this info was helpful, and we’ll see you at the next Meetup!

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    1. Hi Peter! Glad you were able to make it in. Your difficulty was almost certainly our fault… we left a link to an old Meetup in this morning’s reminder email, and I think a lot of folks were confused when the Join button never appeared on the Meetup from two weeks ago!

      We sent a correction–probably a bit too late for many–and have fixed the reminder email so it always points to the next Meetup. So sorry for the confusion!

  1. Hi Jason,
    I’m trying to get my Zoom connection figured out in anticipation of tomorrow night’s meetup. Here’s the message I get when I try to connect in Safari:

    “Your browser does not support using the computer’s Audio device. To use Zoom, install the latest version of a standard browser, such as Chrome, Firefox and Chromium Edge.”

    I use Zoom in my Safari browser almost daily. Any idea what could be the problem?

    1. Hi Mike! Sorry I let this one slip by me. Try using the “Join in Desktop/Mobile App” button instead. Under the hood, that is actually the typical join link format that most people use for a call. If you join a lot of Zoom calls, that’s the form of the link you will usually get, so if it works for you in most cases, it should work for you here.

  2. Jason I don’t know why was not able to sign up today’s meeting. Something went wrong! Was taking me to the next week meeting!