New Sponsor Guide

Thank you for choosing RINGKNOCKER Sponsorship! This guide will help you get up and running as quickly as possible.

Here’s a short list of the things we need to sort out:

  • Team Members
  • Targeting profile
  • Sponsor page content.
  • Invoicing

Team Members

As a Sponsor, you have all the privileges of RINGKNOCKER Subscription. Among other things this means you gain complete, searchable access access to the full video, notes, transcripts, and follow-up for every RINGKNOCKER Virtual Meetup!

We will also extend that access to any member of your team who is an otherwise qualified RINGKNOCKER Member, meaning a current or former military officer of any commissioning source or service. To set them up, just ask them to register on the website and then send us their registration email address!

Targeting Profile

RINGKNOCKER maintains a growing database of current and former military officers. As of this writing there about 55,000 entries in it.

As we discussed in detail here, each RINGKNOCKER Sponsor gets a Targeting Profile on our instance of the Tribify Engine. The result is your Sponsor Prospect List, which is the “tip of the iceberg” of the entire RINGKNOCKER database with respect to your targeting requirements. Whether you seek a new customer, an employee, or a business partner, if he or she is a veteran officer, we can help you find them!

To get started, we need to set up a call to discuss your targeting requirements according to the criteria laid out here. Just click the button below to get started!

Every Sponsor gets a profile accessible from our Sponsors Page. Here’s a good example of a Sponsor profile!

We use the content on this page in a number of different ways:

  • We populate the actual Sponsor Page.
  • We present your logo along with those of other Sponsors on the following pages:
  • We send regular emails to our opt-in mailing list (currently about 1,400 people) promoting your offering, with content adapted from your Sponsor Page.
Sponsor Archive
Sponsor Page

Here’s what we need from you. Click the thumbnails at right to see where all this stuff goes!

  • Your official Sponsor name. How should we represent you?
  • A square logo suitable for a light background, minimum dimensions 500 x 500px.
  • An excerpt of 160 characters or less that will appear under your logo on the Sponsor Page.
  • A short tagline for the top of your Sponsor Page.
  • A link and label for the CTA button at the top of your Sponsor Page.
  • A short quote for us to rotate at the top of the Sponsor Page (this is optional).
  • Your Sponsor Page content. This can be any length! It is free-form, and can be any mix of copy, images, video, etc. If you have a marketing person, put us in touch and we’ll do our best to get it right!

Each Sponsor Page also features a Caught On Camera section with a playlist of authorized video clips of your team performing at RINGKNOCKER Virtual Meetups! This playlist is automatically populated: there’s nothing for you to do here but approve new clips.


The cost of your RINGKNOCKER Sponsorship is $100/month for each increment of 100 Prospect List slots. Increments may be targeted separately or share the same Targeting Profile.

We handle our recurring invoicing through PayPal. Just send us the following info and we’ll get your first invoice out right away!

  • Billing Organization
  • Email Address

No Paper Checks!

Although we bank in the US, we are physically located in Indonesia, and our bank will not accept a check endorsed by a third party. So please no paper checks! Paypal will allow you to set up automatic payments through their gateway using a variety of electronic payment methods.

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