Anybody who has attended more than a couple RINGKNOCKER Virtual Meetups knows Bill Watkins (USMA ’77) and his invite-only Cohort of badass Veteran business owners at The Lions Pride. He’s been a regular and well-respected guest, and is never short of energy or support for Veteran business owners!

What you may not know is that Bill and his team have done themselves one better with the launch of their Onward Initiative, a one-for-one business tools and training program designed to support, accelerate, and amplify the impact of Veteran entrepreneurs.

I was a Lion’s Pride Cohort member myself a couple of years ago, until I took myself 12 time zones away to Bali. One of my Cohort peers at the time was Jeff Evenson (USMA ’90), who is going to be our guest speaker at next week’s Meetup. Jeff found incredible success through TLP, and is now returning the favor as one of the lead coaches on Bill’s team. So when Jeff approached me about the Onward Initiative, I was eager to put it in front of you RINGKNOCKERS!

Details are on the website, but here are the key points:

  1. Award recipients get one full year of direct business mentorship from an active Cohort member. 
  2. They also get unlimited access to The Lions Pride’s full arsenal of tools, including how to set-up and deploy the incredibly powerful One Page Business Plan. No other tool helps you align your brand with your business goals, marketing efforts, and team building. (I’ve got some more exciting news about that tool coming soon!)
  3. Plus you get access to live coaching with Jeff and the TLP team—and that alone is worth the application!

If you’re feeling stuck leading your business, Bill’s tools are the quickest way to help you create structure and a path toward better, faster, easier results. He’s a big fan of helping you increase your blast radius without blowing up your life: a reality check most of us can use.


If you have additional questions about The Lions Pride or the Onward Initiative, email Jeff directly here.

A big thank you to Bill for continuing to champion Veteran business impact and for allowing RINGKNOCKER members to be some of the first to apply to this program!

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