Operation Arctic Sting

Over the past few months, official RINGKNOCKER Dad Robert Williscroft has updated us several times on the progress toward publication of his latest Mac McDowell Mission novel, Operation Artcic Sting.

Well, shipmates: your wait is over!

I pre-purchased it on Kindle and I’m twelve time zones ahead of most of you, so it was already daylight when the book dropped into my Kindle earlier this week. I had it read by bedtime, and am back to pestering my dad about the next installment.

Just between you and me: this is the best book of the series! I know I’m biased, but I’m also not the easiest audience, and after the last two my expectations are SKY high. So no spoilers here, but trust me: if you like a good sea story involving smart-ass squids, pretty girls, and sneaky Russians, you’re gonna love this one!

Also a couple special requests from my dad:

  1. Don’t just buy the book… REVIEW it, please! Reviews are the life-blood of every author on Amazon. Give the old man 5 stars.
  2. If you still read books on paper and would like an autographed copy, just drop a note in the comments and my dad will oblige.


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