Opportunities in Clean Tech

One of our Tribify Engine clients is ExVenture, a firm that produces events to connect investors (mostly VC) with startups of various flavors. We’re helping them grow and reach their network in exactly the same way that has been so successful at RINGKNOCKER!

Anyway, ExVenture is hosting a big event later this month and it hit me that this may represent a significant opportunity for RINGKNOCKERs! ExVenture Night is a virtual event that takes place on 25 Feb. The focus is on clean tech: think sustainable power generation, waste mitigation & management, all that sort of thing. But I’ve been watching the registrations roll in, and there is going to be an astonishing roster of heavy-hitters in attendance, on both the investment and startup sides of the table.

So if you’re an investor or have that kind of a startup, have fun! But if you are seeking employment opportunities in and around that space, I can tell you from the inside that this is really shaping up to be the place to be in late February!

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