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If you’ve been to a RINGKNOCKER Virtual Meetup, you know just how information-dense those things can be. We take a transcript from every one, but an audio transcript is really no substitute for a list of links to all the resources mentioned in a Meetup.

In the past we’ve done our best to provide that, but we haven’t really had a strong system in place to get it right on EVERY Meetup. Well… problem solved! You Subscribers might already have noticed that for several weeks there has been a robust References & Resources section down in the Subscriber Content section of every After-Action Report. We’ve finally got the process right going forward, and are now pushing it into the backlog.

I just updated the complete References & Resources list on Jon Macaskill’s Meetup from a few weeks ago (that was RVM-44) and over the next couple of months we’ll complete the process and have extracted every useful resource we can find going all the way back to RVM-1, a year ago next week!

If there’s a Meetup from the past year that you’d like us to front-load and get done right away, we’re happy to oblige! Just let us know in the comments below.

Oh, wait… you don’t have a RINGKNOCKER Subscription?? Check your helm, shipmate! 🤣 You can pick up a 15-day, no-credit-card free trial right here.

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