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You hear me say it at the end of every Meetup: sometime toward the end of the weekend, those of you who had something particularly interesting to say tonight may get an email from me requesting permission to you a clip of you on the public side of the YouTube channel and on social media…

Over the past nine months we have taken hundreds of short clips from our Meetups—253 at this writing—most of which have been approved for public release by their participants.

So what happens to those things?

You’ve seen them in the Weekly Newsletters. If you’ve had a chance to explore our Virtual Meetup After-Action Reports, you’ll see a collection of them attached to each Meetup. Pro tip: the clips are Premium Subscriber Content. Sign up for a free Membership and upgrade to a Subscription to see them… there’s a no-credit-card Free Trial!

But what you may not know is that, in addition to creating a playlist for each Meetup, we also create a playlist for each video clip participant! Some of our more active members—RINGKNOCKER Sponsor @willambcwatkins comes to mind—have amassed a collection of dozens of clips.

Until now, your personal playlist of RINGKNOCKER Virtual Meetup clips has been a little hard to find, especially if you didn’t know it existed. But as of today, we have connected ALL of our members’ personal video playlists to their website profiles!

And they’re super easy to find. If you have ever approved a video clip request from me, just sign into your account and then visit your user profile and scroll to the bottom of the page. Voila!

If you think some are missing, just drop a comment below and we’ll get to the bottom of it. Have fun!

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