Relationship Sales Mastery #2

Those of you who have been around for a while are aware that RINGKNOCKER has spun off a technology company. Tribify LLC has packaged up the toolbox we developed to bring the RINGKNOCKER community together, and is working hard to bring it to a broader audience!

So it’s 2021… we’ve all heard of a sales funnel, right? The Tribify Engine turns the traditional sales-funnel approach on its head. Instead of blasting a canned sequence of messages to the entire world, it answers a simple question: who should I build a relationship with NEXT?

Tribify serves teams who build intentional communities or sell low-volume, high-value products. We envision a marketplace where the road to success involves slowing down and focusing on building solid relationships instead of managing machines.

So that leaves us with a bit of a challenge: we may have built a really cool sales tool, but over here at RINGKNOCKER and now Tribify, we’re really a whole lot better at BUILDING stuff than we are at SELLING stuff. So how do we get this thing off the ground?

If you’ve been to a RINGKNOCKER Virtual Meetup, you’re aware that we DO know how to throw an engaging virtual event! So we’re replicating the RINGKNOCKER model and bringing together sales professionals around one key question…


Say I sell a high-value, relationship dependent product… like the Tribify Engine! A sales page and a buy button won’t work for me. I need to have real conversations with actual human beings.

So how do I sell more stuff when the primary constraint to the amount of stuff I can sell is ME… me and my capacity to forge new relationships?

We held our first RELATIONSHIP SALES MASTERY event last month, and it must have been fun because a bunch of the attendees signed up for our NEXT event on 10 August! You folks will recognize the guest speaker for that event: it’s Tom Schwab, CEO of Interview Valet, who will also be sitting in the RINGKNOCKER speaker’s chair this week!

Anyway, if what you sell takes more than a sales page and a buy button to close the deal, I hope you can join us on 10 Aug at 10am Eastern for our second RELATIONSHIP SALES MASTERY event!

Just to sweeten the deal, we’ll be giving away a free month of the Tribify Engine… almost a $2,000 value! We did the same thing last month, and it just so happened that RINGKNOCKER Josh Emison pulled the winning number. He’ll be joining us on the 10th to share his story. Spoiler alert: I’ve heard it, and it features phrases like “blown away.” 😁

Anyway I hope to see you there!

Meet the Tribify Engine!

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