Relationship Sales Mastery

Over the past 15 months, RINGKNOCKER has built a database of over 52,000 current and former military officers. We’ve thrown 64 online events where thousands of attendees, hand-picked for mutual interest and shared experience, have exchanged needs, opportunities, and stories with their classmates, shipmates, and comrades-in-arms.

RINGKNOCKER is setting the bar for supporting a shipmate… one shipmate at a time, with a part-time staff of three and a budget just north of zero. Want to learn how we did it?

Join us at RELATIONSHIP SALES MASTERY: Beat the Numbers Game, a new monthly event hosted by RINGKNOCKER parent company Tribify LLC. The first RSM event will take place from 11am-12:30pm US Eastern Time on Tuesday, 29 June.


What if EVERY prospect were a buyer?

A great prospect list is like money in the bank… in principle. In practice, you STILL need to close the deal. Modern high-end buyers can tell the difference between a canned sales message and an actual conversation. So once Big Data fills your sales pipeline with great prospects, how do you build relationships to close those deals AT SCALE?

Our first RSM guest speaker will be Julien Uhlig, CEO and Host of ExVenture Night, an amazing virtual event series which has connected billions in venture capital with hot clean-energy startups around the world.

We’ve watched Julien build an empire with his LinkedIn account, and he’s done it the old-fashioned way: by having real conversations with real people… THOUSANDS of them. Relationship selling at this scale is an art and a science that depends as much on smart systems and effective leadership as it does on the old-fashioned gift of gab.

We’re excited to share Julien’s story with you, and we’re also excited to hear YOUR story! So clear your calendar for next Tuesday at 11am Eastern, click the link below to register, and get ready to take your relationship selling game to the next level!


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