Speak at a RINGKNOCKER Virtual Meetup!

A RINGKNOCKER Virtual Meetup is a place where needs and opportunities meet.

To facilitate this process, every weekly Meetup features a guest speaker. To date, we have had over 60 of those (some more than once). A few recent examples:

And that’s just in the last six months. Click here for the full list!

RINGKNOCKER guest speakers are current or former military officers with a story to tell. Sometimes it’s a great business opportunity, or an interesting product, or a big idea. Sometimes it’s just a great sea story! No matter what, though, the vast majority of our guest speakers come to us as either a volunteer or a referral from the RINGKNOCKER membership.

Do you have a shipmate, a classmate, or a comrade-in-arms with a great story to tell? Do YOU have one to share? You can see all our open dates on the Meetups page; just look for the SEAL candidate straining at a log like the picture above.

Ping us in the comments, and let’s get you scheduled into the RINGKNOCKER speaker’s chair!

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