Story Time with Senior Chief

Retired SEAL Senior Chief Don Shipley used to run Extreme SEAL Experience, probably best described as “Summer Camp for Adrenaline Junkies.” He’s also well-known on YouTube for exposing fraudulent Navy SEALs. Fair warning: you could easily lose an afternoon in THAT video archive. 🤣

Maybe less well known is Shipley’s mastery at spinning a sea story. Here’s a great one describing his training experiences with Norwegian Jaegers (their SEAL equivalent) during a tour as a platoon Chief with SEAL Team Two. If you think you hear a lot of shooting in the background… you do. I’m just as curious as you are.

Crack a cold one and enjoy!

Incidentally… if any of you happens to know the Senior Chief, we’d love to have him aboard a RINGKNOCKER Meetup to talk story and share a couple leadership lessons. Please make an intro!

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