Sunset on Bali

It’s just after 4pm on a Balinese Saturday afternoon… so early Saturday morning back in the States. What are you doing tonight?

A few minutes ago, I was reading another chapter in Russell Brunson’s excellent book, Dotcom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online with Sales Funnels. The title tells the story. Truth be told, I’m not one of Brunson’s Funnel Hackers, but I do love telling stories, and Brunson’s a master at it!

Anyway, I was reading the part in his Follow-Up Funnels chapter where he talks about the Seinfeld Email, which is an email he sends regularly to his audience about… well, nothing. It’s an excuse to deliver a call to action. But he showed a couple of examples, and one of them had this amazing story.

In the email, he announces that he’s about to fight in a Jiu Jitsu tournament. Then he points out that, as a man on the wrong side of fifty, he can only manage that because he’s spent most of the past couple weeks in the gym training. And, as the leader of a nine-figure company, he can only manage that because he’s created automation that serves his desire to live a life out in the world instead of at his desk.

Which caused me to do a bit of a double-take. And put down the book. And write this note…

… but FAST! Because sunset is just after 6, and I’m taking the Russian to the beach.

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