The Robot Likes You

I got a note from a fellow on LinkedIn whom the RINGKNOCKER data engine had reached out to with a connection request. He asked me a reasonable question: How did you come across my profile?

You all know the score there: I hadn’t, not exactly. But when I read his profile I saw this:

Data Scientist · Data Analyst · Artificial Intelligence Engineer · Machine Learning Engineer · Business Intelligence Analyst

Now there’s somebody who is equipped to digest a more nuanced explanation than I usually offer! So I sent him this:

The RINGKNOCKER data platform autonomously cruises the inner tubes seeking knuckle-draggers who might be a good fit with a weighted combination of current group attributes and sponsor targeting criteria. It profiles candidates based on their own attributes as well as those of their social & business connections, and then draws high-priority ones into Meetups using a combination of targeted connection requests and regular event invitations.

Or, in English: I actually didn’t, personally, but my pet robot did and he appears to like you!

I think I’m gonna use that one a lot. 🙂

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