Those Faces on Your Screen

Every week’s Meetup preamble includes some version of these words:

You see all those faces on your screen? They’re your shipmates, in many cases your classmates. They’re your comrades-in-arms, and they’re why you’re here. And YOU are why THEY are here.

So imagine my surprise when I learned this week that some of us are unable to see the faces on our screen! Thankfully there’s a solution: Zoom’s Gallery View.

The Zoom app has two views: Speaker and Gallery. Speaker View—wait for it — only shows you the current speaker. Gallery View, on the other hand, shows you a paged thumbnail of the entire audience, up to a couple dozen at a time! Gallery View is the default, but if you are new to Zoom and accidentally set yourself up in Speaker View, that choice is persistent from call to call, so you may feel stuck there.

It’s easy to change! Here’s how:

Choosing Gallery View in the Zoom desktop or browser app.

This works the same in the desktop app or browser app. In the iOS or Android app it’s even simpler… just click the video thumbnail in the corner of your screen to switch back and forth between the two modes.

I hope that helps, and next week when we see your face on our screens, I hope you also see all of ours!

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