Where Credit is Due

Today is a special day.

The Russian and I are headed up to Ubud this afternoon to celebrate an anniversary: it is four years to the day since we parachuted into one another’s lives!

How THAT happened is a story for another day. For now, in honor of the day, I thought I’d share a different one…

First of all, the Russian’s name is Natalia. If you know many Russian girls you’ll understand that doesn’t narrow it down much, but this one is special. She’s mine. 😀

Secondly, just as COVID was descending last year, I had got so frustrated with the whole Facebook Mentorship platform that I was ready to shut the whole RINGKNOCKER experiment down as a lost cause. Natalia suggested that I try a Zoom call… and when the first one went well and I thought I’d schedule another one in a month, it was Natalia who pressed me to hold them weekly. At great cost to herself, by the way… between RINGKNOCKER and my day job, the first six months after that were all hundred-hour weeks.

She spent a lot of time on Bali alone last year.

So in a very real way, if you love RINGKNOCKER, you have Natalia to thank for it. Without her ideas, patience, and encouragement—and a thousand cups of tea placed quietly at my elbow—RINGKNOCKER would not exist in any recognizable form, if at all.

So a million thanks to my love for helping me do this! And for once I think the Crimean Peninsula can sleep soundly tonight. 🤣

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  1. Jason, it was a privilege to observe both of you launch this incredibly connecting platform during the pandemic last year, when so many of us were craving fellowship. As we learned early in during plebe summer, it doesn’t matter how much experience you had before coming to USNA, you are not going to make it without your classmate support. And it’s easy to support passion and a drive to succeed when your cause is a noble one!

    Thanks to you and Natalia, many of us had something to look forward to on Thursday nights to break up the monotony of the week, meeting new people, while also reconnecting with others we hadn’t seen since graduation! Keep charging, shipmate!

  2. Jason,

    I was in a hospital and now at home, this kept me off our meetings. I would like to wish you many happy returns of this day! All the best to both of you!